One Way?

Response to oped:
In the Reverend Paul Downie’s July 3 opinion article, he tells us that Barak Obama is a beautiful Christian. However the Reverend’s premise is based on Obama’s words that there are “many paths” to God. If this is correct, then all of these “paths” must be true. Does that make sense? Are all religions around the world true? Buddhism does not believe in God at all; Mormons believe we (they) will be gods of their own planets; Muslims believe that Allah is the one true God and that Muhammad is his prophet; Scientologists believe that we are all “thetans”-immortal spirits with unlimited powers we are not all aware of; and Hindus believe in perpetual reincarnation until we reach “Nirvana”. I could go on. Are these all true? They are, in fact, contradictory. And they are in direct opposition to Christianity which is quite exclusive. The Reverend cites John 14:6 which says that Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one goes to the father except through him. The Reverend says that this exclusive statement depends upon how it is heard. Actually it depends on how it was said and who said it. There are many other exclusive statements in the Christian bible. A simple test is Jesus’ own prayer just before going to the cross. He prays that if there were any other way, to let this event pass. But, there was no other way. Jesus had to endure the cross, bear the brunt of God’s wrath for our sins, die and overcome death for our sakes. If this was not necessary, if one could believe in Muhammad, Buddah, Moronia, whomever or whatever, then God the Son would not have had to pay such a terrible and horrific price. No other religion has a solution for the consequences of our sins. Only Christianity has a Savior - who still saves even today. Reverend Downie, please read Galatians 1:8.