Obama's Lies Exposed - Video

Excellent episode. Well worth watching.
You will find out things you never knew...

Voting for Jesus

So Bill Keller has a new idea. Considering the two candidates from the only major parties from which to choose are not exactly perfect, he wants all Christians to "vote for Jesus". Yes. President Obama tends to be a communist. Yes. Mitt Romney thinks he will be a god of his own planet and likely wears magical underwear. But, no. Voting for Jesus will accomplish little. What will it do? Well. If it has any impact at all, it will only take votes from Romney assuring another Presidency of Obama. Keller has even set up a special site called voting for Satan
While PRT certainly agrees with Mr. Keller on many issues including his campaign to teach others about the cult that is Mormon, PRT does not agree that casting your vote for Jesus will progress the Christian cause at all. What needs to be done, is teaching and convincing others the truth that is Jesus. Candidates will rise with the tide of Truth to reform our country and the world. But alas, this will not happen either. We are experiencing End Time events. The United States is on the decline and is only catching up with the rest of the world on our way to oblivion. What then is our hope? Our hope is in Christ and in Him alone. No vote will ever fix things. We are servants of a King and we live in His Kingdom. 

Glenn Beck Scrubs His Faith from His Programs and His Books

Much like the rest of his programs, Glenn Beck has scrubbed all but the slightest traces of his Mormon faith from the new book series he is promoting, Wrath and Righteousness. According to the Wall Street Journal, the books have been edited down to a series of 10 e-books "while cutting the references to Mormon scripture and gospel beliefs.” He knows and PRT knows that if he goes too Mormon on us, many will stop watching and listening. It's too bad more do not know their own faith well enough to spot a counterfeit. 

To make matters worse, Beck described the new book series multiple times as "divinely inspired". Most Christians should cringe at such a statement. However, Beck is completely okay with other books being divinely inspired since he believes in a whole new set of books other than the Holy Bible, called the Book of Mormon. "Divinely inspired" 5/9 3rd Hr

Mr. Beck knows his politics, but he is being deceptive when it comes to his own faith. 

Conquest 1453

Is 1453 a date that you often think about? Is it one of those dates in history that will live on in our heart and minds? Have you ever heard of the date? Likely the answer is no. However, this is not the case in Turkey. Remember. Turkey is really the remnants of the old Ottoman Empire. It took a World War to finally collapse that Empire. Modern day Turkey, especially under Prime Minister Erdogan, would like to resurrect the old system. Their stance on Israel has taken a marked turn for the worse. They are increasingly hostile to the West. And now, there is a blockbuster film dedicated to the defeat and annihilation of their ancient enemy, the Byzantines. The film is called Fetih 1453, or Conquest 1453 for Western audiences. This date marked the final destruction of the Western Roman Empire, a Christian Empire, albeit with its many faults. 

The fact that Turkey has created what is for them a big budget movie glorying its destruction illustrates its importance. It should also be important to the West. It shows that we are willing to allow Islam to spread without consequence. Up until that date, Byzantium battled back and forth, first with Persia and then with Islam, to retain its territory and the people that went with that territory. Now, the former Christian lands in the Middle East are virtually all Muslim. War is indeed hell, but sometimes war is necessary to hold back the hounds of hell that want to destroy you in this life and in the life to come. Take back Constantinople!