Test for Christianity - Are You In or Out?

Ever listen to a sermon and the pastor gives you a test for you to evaluate whether you are are Christian or not? It's biblical to test yourself ( 2 Corinthians 13:5), but are the tests given during the sermon biblical? Do they pass the test? Here are a few. You could be the judge, but that would not be biblical. Search them out scripturally.
  • Love of God
  • Love of Jesus
  • Be baptized
  • Concern for one's sin
  • You know that you know that you know (you are a Christian)
  • Have the Spirit
  • Keep the commandments
  • Speak and think the bible
  • Have faith
  • Assent to God. Know the truth. Trust in Jesus
  • Totally in love with Jesus - not halfhearted, lukewarm, partially committed
This page will be updated as more are heard.