Four Minutes Worth Watching/Listening To Regarding our Economy

While the video is not the most exciting to watch - its a still picture - what the person is saying is worth listening to. There are so many triggers that can collapse this economy. He is pointing out one of them. We are living in a house of cards. What is your "house" built on?

Make sure your foundation is on The Rock, Jesus Christ who is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore. 

The Real Story Behind Your iPhone

Folks. While there is nothing wrong with making profit, even billions of dollars like Apple, Inc., there is something wrong with the conditions of factories making our gadgets in China. Compound this with "Designed in California Assembled in China" nonsense. Make the products in the USA. Make a tad less profit. Stop the conditions of these factories. This would not happen in the US. Regardless of whether conditions get better in China, which they should, the products can and should be made here. 

What can you do? Start looking at the label of your goods and choose those that are made here and in the West. Here's a secret for you - China is the enemy. 

Alaska Airlines To Stop Handing Out Prayer Cards

Fox News  Most probably did not even know this was happening in the first place - that an airline was handing out cards with religious messages imprinted on them. Consequently, many will not care that the practice will be stopped. However, this is just another in a long line of anti-religious, anti-Christian moves that distances our nation from its foundation. The farther the United States goes down this road, the harder the ultimate fall will be. Pray for our leaders and for our Country. 

Summary of the Odd Beliefs of Mormons

  • American Indians are descendants from the lost ten tribes of Israel. They received a curse from God that gave them dark skins
  • The lost ten tribes are located somewhere in the polar region
  • Blacks could not become Mormon priests until 1978
  • Cain, who murdered Able, was the first black man which was the result of his sin
  • The Garden of Eden is in the State of Missouri
  • God was a mortal man just like us
  • God lives on a planet called Kolob
  • God had a wife, Eve
  • God was Adam
  • God and his many wives had children through natural intercourse
  • Satan (Lucifer) was Jesus’ brother
  • Jesus was voted to be savior of the Earth
  • Jesus had three wives, Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Martha
  • Jesus’ death on the cross does not save us, but provides for our resurrection
  • The Holy Spirit is not part of the Trinity, but is another god and a fluid-like substance whereby the Father for influence
  • Married for time and all eternity to your spouse (against the teachings of Jesus)
  • Mormons can be gods of their own planets and believe in many gods
  • Our souls existed before we were born
  • Mormons’ blood becomes Jewish blood after a special ritual
  • Joseph Smith’s (Mormon founder) “White Horse Prophecy” – When the constitution “hangs by a thread”, a Mormon will save the country which will become a theocracy
  • Some wear special underwear called Mormon Underwear or Temple Garments both day and night

Gay Sex is Okay, but Multiple Spouses is Not?!

A Presidential candidate was recently booed off a stage for implying that gay marriage was worse than polygamy. They are both sins in the eyes of God, but which one is worse? Biblically speaking, there are worse sins than others. Lying to your mother about eating the cookie from the cookie jar is clearly worse the killing six million Jews in the Holocaust. Equally, sexual sin varies in severity as well. For example, having sex before marriage is certainly a sin. Having sex with an animal is worse than having sex with an adult partner of the opposite sex before marriage. As unpleasant as it may be to read this, it is true. 

So when Senator Santorum said that homosexuality was worse than polygamy, was he correct? 

The answer is yes, he is correct. As many of our laws still say, it (homosexuality) is a "crime against nature". Think about it. It is quite an unpleasant thought.

Gringrich calls Romney a Liar -Video

Oh no! One politician calling another a liar. What a travesty. He should have called him an "untruth teller". That would be much better. They are not lies. They are untruths. What nonsense. If someone lies, call them a liar. They lied. They are a liar. We all are liars and politicians are very adept at it. 

Bob Schieffer is amazed that Gingrich went on to say that he would support Romney, a liar, if elected. They fail to understand that Obama is a liar too. As stated, they all are. The difference is that Obama is a Socialist that is going to destroy what is left of the United States.

Support a liar? We all do. Just pick the one who will do the least amount of damage. Like Newt.