Who's Honor and Glory?

We fear the gaze of others judgment against us (and our own). Pride, Fear, Self-Glory

We feel this way because we desire glory and adulation and honor. These belong to God. Why do we seek what is His alone? 

When we feel pride, fear, shame, and humiliation, it is an indication, an attribute, that we are seeking and have not yet attained the glory we desire. But this is God's glory that we are  attempting to co opt for ourselves. 

No glory or honor is ours. All must go to God alone! Any attempt or desire to get any glory is robbery of what is rightfully His. 

No need to fear. 
No need to fret.
No need to feel ashamed of the past.

Fear what? That I will lose that which I ought not to have expected?

Stop striving. Look to Jesus and live.