Flotilla Fiasco

ABC: "Greece on Friday banned ships heading to the Gaza Strip from leaving Greek ports, and a vessel carrying several dozen Americans which left port without permission was asked to return." Jerusalem Post: "While Cyprus had already banned ships headed for Gaza from leaving their ports, the Greeks had not taken this measure until Friday. "

However, you will not see Turkey doing the same.

Watch for the successors of the last Muslim Caliphate, the Ottoman Turks, to take aggressive and persistent action in the affairs of the Jewish people. Why would they do this? It is in their history. Since wiping out virtually all remnants of Christianity with the overthrow of Constantinople, one should not be surprised that their descendants would have equally nefarious intentions for the Jews today.

The players from history are lining up. The Greeks, rightful successors to Constantinople, are doing the right and noble thing denying boats from leaving its shore. The Turks of course play their part. The Jews are there too as they always have been, the targets of others' hatred and fear. And finally the Christians. They will play their part as well. Or will they? There is no longer a Christian city such as the one decimated by the Turks in 1453. There is Rome and the West, but what will they do? The leader of the free and the home of the brave, United States President Barak Obama, only gives ultimatims to Israel to give up more land and give up more security. Where will the West be when Israel must again defend its borders? 

We are in a war against Islam. Muslims know it. Jews know it. Too bad Christians and the West do not know it. Take back Constantinople!