Muslims Attempt to Convert Jews

The Washington Post: "In an unprecedented endeavor, a few Muslim believers are crossing the Holy Land’s volatile boundaries of culture, faith and politics to bring Islam to Israel’s Jews — hoping, improbably, that some will be willing to renounce their religion for a new one." 
You have to give them credit. They are at least learning the language and making an effort. However  converting Jews to Islam is going to be a stretch. Not only are the two groups enemies based on race and religion, Islam took most of its tenets from Judaism and Christianity. For such a religion to go back and try to make converts seems most absurd. Throughout the long struggle with Christianity, Christians' attempt to convert Muslims fell flat even though there was great success in proselytizing all of Europe. This method of conversion is also unusual since much of the conversion to Islam over the centuries has been at the end of a sword. When one looks at the percentage of Muslims in most of the countries in the Middle East, one can see that this is still the case.

Question: What if a Jew or a Christian were to do the same in a Muslim country? 

Netanyahu vs Ahmadinajad vs Erdogan vs Abbas - UN 2011

Watch their full 2011 United Nations speeches below:




Abbas part 1

Abbas part 2

Abbas part 3

Moody radio affiliate drops David Barton's Wallbuilders Live Over Defense of Glenn Beck

The following is an excerpt from the site as shown. Finally it appears some Christians are taking a stand when it comes to Mormons purporting to be Christian. They are not. Beck is a great American, but he is not a Christian. PRT supports Mr. Beck until he begins to confuse his religion with that of true Christianity.

Dr. Warren Throckmorton Christian Blog: "An affiliate of the Moody Broadcast system in East Texas, KBJS-FM canceled David Barton’s Wallbuilders Live radio show during the show yesterday while Barton was discussing Glenn Beck’s religious beliefs. Randy Featherston, KBJS manager, said the show was dropped due to Barton’s failure to distinguish between Mormon theology and Christianity.

“When David Barton said it doesn’t matter whether you are a Mormon or a Baptist or a Methodist, we felt we had to do something,” Featherston explained.
On the September 13th program, Barton played audio of Glenn Beck saying that “the Lord Jesus Christ is my Savior and my Redeemer.” Then Barton said he believed that Beck was a Christian based on his statement of belief and “his fruits,” meaning his good deeds. Based on Beck’s statements, Barton then asked co-host Rick Green, “Glenn says he’s Mormon. Ok, that’s fine. Based on what you heard, if you heard a Baptist say that or if you heard a Methodist say that…what would you say?” After Green answered that Beck’s testimony indicated a real conversion, Barton responded, “Why is it not a real conversion because of the label he wears?”
Throughout the program, Barton dismissed Beck’s Mormonism, saying at one point, “I don’t care what label Beck wears. I don’t care what Glenn thinks Mormon means.” Barton also asserted that Beck uses the same Bible, but added, “Now he may use the Book of Mormon, we never talked about the Book of Mormon.”
“When David Barton said it doesn’t matter whether you are a Mormon or a Baptist or a Methodist, we felt we had to do something,” Featherston explained."

Stephen Hawking Has No Time For God

There are two videos shown below. One is the full length version of the program in question and the other is the trailer. The full length version may be removed in the future, so I do not know how long it will be available. It is only linked to another’s posting.

In Stephen Hawking’s program on the Discovery Network’s Curiosity program, Did God Create the Universe, he discusses the creation of the universe that includes some of his usual topics such as black holes and quantum mechanics, but with a religious twist. The first item on his agenda is to look into our past and give an illustration of Viking myths and their fears of solar eclipses. Not exactly the most objective way start to this scientific program. What exactly do the Vikings have to do with science, but to imply that they were ignorant and set up the implication that anyone who does not believe in what the program will purport are equally ignorant.

Next he illustrates how a prior pope in the middle ages did not like the laws of nature, so he decreed them a heresy. Another nonsensical illustration ending in the pope dying from a collapsed roof. What does this illustrated? Not much other than implying religion was silly in those times, but, alas, he is setting up his case. He goes on to say that (all quotes are his unless otherwise noted), “each new discovery further removed the need for a god” and that science does not deny a religion, just offers a simpler alternative.”

According to Mr. Hawking, to make a universe, you need just three ingredients. Just like a cookbook: 1. matter (mass), 2. Energy, 3. Space. With these ingredients, you get a universe. Since the universe has these elements, it just sort of popped into existence. You see, protons appear to pop into and out of existence. At that very small level, the laws of nature seem to not apply. Scientists, including Mr. Hawking, really have no explanation for what happens here, but that does not stop him from using it to his advantage in this examination of the existence of God. Since we do not understanding it fully, let’s use it for an explanation for everything. Very scientific.

Unfortunately for Mr. Hawking, this theory is sort of like the theory spontaneous generation that many scientists held in the 19th century. Those silly scientists of the past. What is spontaneous generation? According to Wikipedia, “spontaneous generation refers to both the supposed process by which life would systematically emerge from sources other than seeds, eggs or parents and to the theories which explained the apparent phenomenon.”

Scientists would see life spring up in say a mud puddle with no plausible explanation. It must have, therefore, spontaneous generated from nothing. They did not see the microbial life that we can see today, so they developed this theory. It appears that the universe is easier to make than life in a puddle of mud according to Mr. Hawking.

Again, Mr. Hawking: “Since we know that the universe itself was once very small, smaller than a proton in fact, this means something quite remarkable. It means the universe itself, in all of its mind-boggling vastness and complexity, could simply have popped into existence without violating the known laws of nature.”

He goes on: “After a lifetime of work, I think that in fact you can get a whole universe for free”. “The great mystery at the heart of the big bang, is to explain how an entire fantastically enormous universe of space and energy can materialize out of nothing.” “If the universe adds up to nothing, then you don’t need a god to create it. The universe is the ultimate free lunch.” This part of his discussion focuses on the fact that all the energy of the universe adds up to zero. We have the positive energy that we see all around us like the sun and subtract out the negative energy that is all over the universe and you get a big zero. That’s right. You do not need a god to create the universe because the universe is not really anything at all. It’s a big nothing.

Lastly he discussed the relationship of time to God: “You can’t get to a time before the big bang, because there was no time before the big bang”. “We have finally found something that does not have a cause because there was no time for a cause to exist in. For me this means there is no possibility of a creator because there is no time for a creator to have existed. Since time itself began at the moment of the big bang, it was an event that could not have been caused or created by anyone or anything.”

Does Stephen Hawking have time for God? His conclusion about time slowing and finally stopping as one gets closer to black holes may be true. However, he then takes this to conclude that at the big bang, a super duper black hole if you will, time also slowed and finally stopped as one gets closer to the point of the explosion. Therefore, time did not exist at the big bang. Consequently, there was no time for God.

This conclusion means that since there was no time, there must be no god. However what Mr. Hawking does not seem to understand is that time is a created thing. We are creatures that live in time. It is difficult for such creatures to imagine something outside of this universe, but there is something. That some “thing” is God. He creates. He is the creator. Consequently, He also created time. Yes, there was a “time” when there was no time at all; perhaps the beginning of the universe such as the big bang. God is timeless, eternal. He exists outside of time and space. There is no time for God, but God does not live in time and is not limited by time since He is the creator of time. He purports that “nothing caused the big bang. Nothing.” However, out of nothing, nothing comes. Here is philosophy again.

Of course, Stephen Hawking is our favorite scientist today. He parallels the popularity of even Albert Einstein. It is difficult to argue with such a personality especially when one considers that he has contributed much to our world today. However the science that Mr. Hawking practices is more philosophy with science mixed in. The philosophy of yesterday merely dealt with complex ideas of the mind. However, today’s philosophers must have a scientific background in order to ask the most perplexing questions of our time such as how the universe was created and whether there is a god behind the scenes. Mr. Hawking is a perfect candidate scientifically. Unfortunately, he does not have the proper philosophical or religious background to keep from falling into some serious problems.

So Stephen Hawking is a great scientist. However, he is no philosopher. First, he sets up a straw man in comparing those who believe in God with the silly people of the past that thought there were gods of rain and trees and such. Secondly, he believes everything was created by a super spontaneous generation. Nonsense. Thirdly, his god is very small. The god that he sets out to destroy is small. However, the real God of the universe is much bigger than Mr. Hawking’s god.

He is “pretty pleased as having worked it all out”. “There is no god. No one created the universe and no one directs our fate”. “There is probably no heaven and no after life either. We have this one life to appreciate this grand design of the universe and for that I am extremely grateful.”

This is what you get in Stephen Hawking’s universe:

Creation with no creator.
Design with no designer.
Laws with no law giver.
Gratitude with no recipient.

It is sad that such a great mind is so proud that he cannot see the Truth of science and the reason for studying nature in the first place. God is clearly seen if one has eyes to see. Pray that his eyes will be opened and that he will see the true God of the universe, the creator of all the fun stuff Mr. Hawking has spent his life examining. Then he can find a recipient of his gratitude and an explanation for what science has not been able to find.

Israel vs. the Muslim World - A Little Perspective

When one looks at Israel in the news and people discuss the world's "three major religions", Israel looks so big. However in reality, they are merely a sliver of land in comparison to the rest of the Muslim world. Why do they so long for its destruction? Watch this video for a little perspective:

Turkey's Continued Meddling in the Middle East

Turkey is again attempting to assert itself in the Middle East. The former Islamic caliphate has downgraded relations with Israel and expelled Israeli diplomats from the country. Prime Minister Erdogan continues to control this country on religious grounds rather than secular grounds as has been the method used since they were on the losing side in World War I. Watch for this Prime Minister, as part of his AK party, to attempt even more power grabs in this part of the world. 

See CNN International for more information. Even the more left leaning CNN does not fall for Turkey's attempts to blame Israel for the troubles it is seeing.