Union Coops Christian Battle Hymn of the Republic

Unions are now cooping the music to the Battle Hymn of the Republic (a rendition of an earlier work called James Brown's Song). Take a look at the "Solidarity" lyrics on the left compared to the lyrics we all know and love on the right. You be the judge whether this is going too far.

Immortality According to an Evolutionist

This is Ray Kurzweil, a futurist that works for Google. He is a serious dude, so don't write it off as mere fantasy.

Having a bad day? Here is the remedy.

Ask these questions to yourself when you're having a bad day:

  • What’s the worse that could possibly happen?
  • Is it really that bad?

  • What am I due? What am I owed? What am I supposed to get?
    • I am due the eternal wrath of God. 
    • I am nothing but a conglomeration of dust and rebellion.
  • What do I have? Am I experiencing the unalloyed wrath of God which is due to me right now?
    • How am I doing? Better than I deserve.
    • I am living in the very lap of the grace of God
  • What have I been promised?
    • In Christ I have been promised eternal bliss.
    • I am already better off than I should be

Definitely puts things into perspective. Have a good day. It is a gift from above.

Taken from RC Sproul Jr.

Why Are There Laws?

Why are there laws? What is their purpose? Are they written merely at the whim of the current government or are they based or should they be based on something more substantial? There seems to be two schools of thought today. The first would be the progressive side that would legislate everything. This group believes that the individual is not able to govern himself, so they will impose laws on society for its own good. Conversely, we are hearing from a more libertarian point of view which holds that if it does not hurt anyone, anything goes. These are the extremes and both make good points. However if one believes that laws change with the times and the opinions of those who happen to be in power, then the debate will rage on. However if you believe that laws and government is based  on something more lasting such as God and His plans for government, then opinion polls will be rendered useless. 

Laws must be based on the eternal truths of God. Those eternal truths are what makes a strong and long-lasting, well-functioning society. When a government keeps those laws either intentionally or unintentionally because God's laws are intrinsically known, it prospers. When it deviates from what it knows is right and exchanges the truth for a lie, it will fail. Most laws are moral and can, no, must be legislated based on eternal truth. Years ago when a society decayed, a stronger more stable and able society would terminate it. Today, the decay is international. There are no stronger society to "reset" what is going on. There is only global decay and eventual collapse. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. 

Understanding the Islamic Bombing of the Boston Marathon-Video

False Teachers

If you are only going to listen to one rap song today, and who of us doesn't listen to them all the time, this is it. Listen closely - even names names toward the end.

Patterns Preceding the End Times and the Rise of the Antichrist

The following are basic patterns that one would see prior to End Times events:
  • Economic Collapse
    • Rise in debt levels
    • Over-spending by individuals, business, and government
    • Inflation due to printing or digitizing too much money
    • Unemployment
    • Reliance on (what's left) of the government
    • Bankruptcies increase
    • Taxes increase
  • Marginalization of orthodox Christianity and a syncretism of all others. 
    • Biblical views dismissed, ignored, or derided 
    • Tolerance among others
  • Moral Collapse
    • Premarital, extramarital, and homosexual sex increases and is okay
    • Stigma against gambling reduced or removed
    • Increase in crime as society trends toward selfishness
  • War
    • Economic collapse will precipitate war
    • Realignment of world power regions
    • The influence of the United States significantly reduced
    • Israel is surrounded by increasingly hostile nations
    • Freedom will be traded for security
As a result, many will cry out for a strong-man to put everything back to where it is "supposed to be". The right will want this as much as the left and may even call for it sooner in relation to the other events. Amid the turmoil and tribulation, one will rise up and call for peace and security. He will right the wrongs and bring safety and security to an insecure world. He will say and he will do all the things necessary to bring order back into our broken world. He will be a "savior". He is the Antichrist. 

Our Furture?

Are we on a spiral downward? Some would say yes, but most just continue to watch TV and surf the internet in blissful distraction. Here is a good video on what the future may hold. There is still time to recover, but we would need to change - radically change.

Alternate site if you cannot view the video. (Second video).
Also see this frightening posting.

Chernobyl Disaster - What About Today?

Excellent documentary about Chernobyl and the heroic efforts to fix the problem. What few of us today realize is that a second explosion was imminent that would dwarf the first. This second explosion could have wiped out half of Europe. There was also the possibility that the leak would seep into the vast aquifer underneath the reactor and contaminate the country's entire drinking supply. 

This crisis took place in a time of peace. Resources were able to be used to quash the problem before even more lives were lost. However what would happen in a time of war when these reactors would be specifically targeted? We will see such a time. There will be economic and civil collapse which will lead to war and devastating consequences such as Chernobyl and worse. 

Speaking Truth to Power

Dr. Benjamin Carson's speech at the 2013 National Prayer breakfast with President Obama only two seats away. Well worth the time to watch.

Another Gun Video Worth Watching

Sorry for all the gun talk, but these times are troubling. However as stated before, this all must come to pass...

Are Smart Meters Bad?

Should we resist the installation of smart meters? Not so sure. Big government monitoring our every movement is upon us. Judge for yourselves.

A Christian Response to Gun Confiscation

There has been much gnashing of teeth lately from those who fear what may actually come to pass; namely the unconstitutional confiscation of guns from those who have legally purchased and possessed certain firearms. Those in our government cry, Safety? Security! while those who oppose them cite the Constitution and individual rights. The government, in the name of protection, has instituted a "precog" policy. What is precog? Wikipedia defines it as "a type of extrasensory perception that would involve the acquisition or effect of future information that cannot be deduced from presently available and normally acquired sense-based information or laws of physics and/or nature." Most remember it as part of the Tom Cruise movie, Minority Report

In that movie, the government was able to predict the thoughts of criminals before they committed a crime and would arrest them just prior to the actual event. Similarly, the present administration and those in state governments such as New York, have determined that many are criminals before they commit a crime. They intend to limit the type of gun or magazine one can have because they have predicted some will use them to commit crimes in the future. They have even gone to lengths to predict if someone is mentally unstable and will do something bad in the future. Quite a feat for our government, but not so surprising if government is our god

But what are Christians to do in the face of such a blatant attack on rights that are codified in our Constitution? Are we supposed to resist with force as some have proposed? Many have said they intend to fight those that would come for their guns. One would only interpret this to mean that they would use their guns against those that come for their guns. Is this biblical? What did Paul say about how we are to respond to government - "Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves." Romans 13:1,2 But we are living under a creeping tyranny! They are infringing on our rights! Yes. That is a true statement, but Paul was living under an actual tyranny when he penned these words. The Roman government was crucifying people on crosses; they would throw many to lions and kill them for sport. We have not yet come to this. 

Many would correctly say that they are not abiding by the Constitution. Again, this is true. However contrary to what many may think, the Constitution is not divinely inspired. It is a very good document that spells out rights that have been given to us by God. Yes. However if we are forced to act contrary to it, we do not have the right of resistance as if we were forced to act contrary to sacred scripture. One is from God. The other is from man. 

This is what we should do. We should resist. We should resist with all our might now, so that it will never come to the point that they must take our guns. However when it comes to that point, and it will, then we must peacefully resist. Remember Martin Luther King, Jr. in his quest for civil rights. He resisted peacefully and in a Christian way. Do not roll over. Do not take your guns to them. When they come get them, do not comply. Resist, but do not resist with force for those that you are fighting are our neighbors and our sons. The police and the army troops that will be used will be us. We must do them no harm. Please, Lord, come quickly. 

They Must Take Our Guns

Recently, the Vice President said the administration could act unilaterally bypassing congress to enact some sort of gun controls. This is not inconsistent with the past actions by this President. Acting by fiat, they have demonstrated they will not enforce immigration statutes in Arizona. Acting by fiat, they have appointed Czars of every stripe to oversee vast parts of our government. Make no mistake. This must take place. The right of the people must decrease while the power of the government must increase. Much like the recent election, this country must go they way it is going. You see, we are entering what the Bible describes as "end times". 

This period will be marked by more control of an ever-growing government, a world-government. This world government will control arms, finances, your very comings and goings. PRT has shown this time and again in the report of tracking mechanisms and the digitizing of the currency. It is all predicted. Consequently, our guns must go. First they will register them, they will pinpoint their locations (which is easily done), and then they will come for them. The people must be disarmed and vulnerable. However our hope is in the Lord. He will prevail. Let not your hearts be troubled.