Immortality According to an Evolutionist

This is Ray Kurzweil, a futurist that works for Google. He is a serious dude, so don't write it off as mere fantasy.

Having a bad day? Here is the remedy.

Ask these questions to yourself when you're having a bad day:

  • What’s the worse that could possibly happen?
  • Is it really that bad?

  • What am I due? What am I owed? What am I supposed to get?
    • I am due the eternal wrath of God. 
    • I am nothing but a conglomeration of dust and rebellion.
  • What do I have? Am I experiencing the unalloyed wrath of God which is due to me right now?
    • How am I doing? Better than I deserve.
    • I am living in the very lap of the grace of God
  • What have I been promised?
    • In Christ I have been promised eternal bliss.
    • I am already better off than I should be

Definitely puts things into perspective. Have a good day. It is a gift from above.

Taken from RC Sproul Jr.