Chernobyl Disaster - What About Today?

Excellent documentary about Chernobyl and the heroic efforts to fix the problem. What few of us today realize is that a second explosion was imminent that would dwarf the first. This second explosion could have wiped out half of Europe. There was also the possibility that the leak would seep into the vast aquifer underneath the reactor and contaminate the country's entire drinking supply. 

This crisis took place in a time of peace. Resources were able to be used to quash the problem before even more lives were lost. However what would happen in a time of war when these reactors would be specifically targeted? We will see such a time. There will be economic and civil collapse which will lead to war and devastating consequences such as Chernobyl and worse. 

Speaking Truth to Power

Dr. Benjamin Carson's speech at the 2013 National Prayer breakfast with President Obama only two seats away. Well worth the time to watch.