Isis - Cellphone Payments

Six handset makers back Isis NFC payment: Cell phone makers are combining resources in an effort to standardize near field communications (NFC) in order to further their efforts to make payments with their devices. Recently, PRT reported that Sweden was the first country to contemplate a cashless economy. Along with these reports, there have been multiple examples of the strides being made to make the United States and the rest of the world cashless as well. It is inevitable. Paper is outdated and inefficient. Using a cellphone to make payments is only one more cog in the machinery that is already set in motion. There will be cashless economies and it will be controlled by one who will use it for nefarious purposes. Just keep watching.

What Does the President Have Up His Sleeve After the Election?

"This is my last election". After my election, I have more flexibility"

The Russian President says that he understands. Do we? Just what does President Obama have in mind?

Obama Quick Takes

Sweden Going Cashless?

Looks like Sweden may be one of the first countries to go paperless where money is concerned. We have spoken about this many times at PRT. This is inevitable. The only question is when, not if we will all go the way of electronic debit and credit cards. The only problem is not debit and credit cards, however. The problem is when this goes beyond plastic and is made mandatory. Remember, these events are foretold clearly in the bible. Yes. That old book that collects dust is relevant today as it always has been. Perhaps it is time to dust it off and take a second look. 

Women Acting Like Men - Cage Fights

It is (another) sad day when we see women entering a cage to brutally fight with men. It is bad enough to see men doing it; virtually no gloves or protection is used. This is not boxing. This is more elemental, more beastial. PRT spoke of how in past times, it was the norm to treat women with respect and to protect them. However we are told that they were really abused. They didn't even have the right to vote after all. Men were such pigs; property rights denied, voting rights denied, even having to take the name of their husband like they were some sort of property. Terrible.

Things have changed. No longer do we send men to foreign lands to slay the enemy; to protect the women and children back home. Now we send the women out to protect....not quite sure any more what they are to protect. Our way of life? What is that but unrecognizable. To protect property and "stuff"? Just doesn't seem as important. To protect our form of government? Seems like there are others doing that whole freedom thing a little better than the home of the brave these days. We're taking the fast track on the slippery slope to oblivion and we keep cheering each other on. Yippee for us!

Divinity of Jesus and the Holy Spirit

Verses for the deity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit:

Most of table compiled by local pastor.

Baby Boomers - The Worst Generation

Several years ago, NBC news anchor, Tom Brokaw, wrote a book about those who served their country in World War 2. He called them the Greatest Generation. It was a time where self-sacrifice ruled the day. Many gave of their possessions, their time, and even their lives for their fellow countrymen and for the greater good of others. 

However, they failed in one way and in a significant way. They failed to pass along their values to their children. You know. The children who have never grown up. These perpetual babies, or the Baby Boomers as they are appropriately called, have gone from infancy to their retirement years continuing to cry out "mine mine mine"! They are like the seagulls in the movie, Finding Nemo. Only wanting more. 

This lost generation gave us such wonderful gifts as free love in the 60's, rampant drug abuse, disrespect for authority, and a "if it feels good, do it" attitude. We are left with ills in our society from which we may never recover. As if giving them anything they cry out for is not enough, they only cry out for more. But what more is there to give, we ask? We have given you all we have. "Yes", they say, "but we want what you and your children will have tomorrow and we want it now!" Anything for you, Baby Boomers. Anything you want. When you are gone, we will still be giving and giving in the form of debt payments exceeding trillions and trillions of dollars. Money that you spend, but do not have. But that won't be the only way we will remember you. Every time we treat someone for drug abuse, a family splits in divorce, and another child is aborted, we will think of you. 

History will surely show, if we will still have a history, that this generation, the Me and Mine generation, is surely the Worst Generation of them all.