Get Ready for Christian Persecution and Death

Here are a few notes from listening to a podcast from John Piper in order to prepare us for the day that we are persecuted even unto death for our faith. It is coming. Prepare today and everyday.

1. Cultivate a regular attentiveness and mindset to the other world where Christ and the other saints are.
2. Ponder often that there are worse things than death.
a. Do not fear those that cannot kill the body.
3. Ponder often the truth that Christ already died for you and did it that you may live and die for Him.
4. Keep it clear that suffering and death for Christ are not surprising in this world. They are normal and expected, not extraordinary. They are biblically ordinary. Do not fear what you are about to suffer.
5. Meditate regularly on the truth of Philippians 1:21. To live is Christ; to die is gain. Pray that into Christ every day.
6. Keep clear and firm in your mind and heart that the Lord will take care of your family if you die. He will supply. Your death for Christ could be the lasting legacy to give them.
7. None of us in ourselves can die for Jesus. It is beyond us. It is a gift from Jesus of grace if we are able to trust Him in that moment. Pray that we will not be bold as Peter that he would not do it. Don’t let me boast that I can do this either. Let me depend utterly on Jesus.
8. PRT addition: There is mercy and forgiveness if you fail.

George Will or Mike Huckabee - Which is Appalling?

In a recent article, "conservative" opinion writer, George Will, asserts that Mike Huckabee is on an appalling crusade. Nice choice of words since these days the word crusade has inappropriately negative connotations. Seems fitting that Mr. Will would be working for the left-leaning paper, the Washington Post.

PRT is not a huge Huckabee supporter. The jury is still out on that one. However, it was surprising to see the article by Mr. Will. Throughout the article, one is waiting to hear what is so appalling. Perhaps Mr. Huckabee has done something out of the ordinary or put his foot in his mouth. Only when one reads the entire article, do you understand that George Will has now a tool of the left. How more effective could one be than to espouse liberal ideology while presenting oneself as a conservative.

The set-up of the opinion is how terrible it was for folks in the unenlightened years to consider divorce (and Catholicism) a restriction to being elected President. Then comes the demeaning part calling Mr. Huckabee an "apostle" and denigrating his choice of book and tour names while inserting pompous words such as "alliterative". Sorry, but PRT had to look that one up; not as highly educated as Mr. Will.

After this, he compares Huckabee to Robert Dole. You know the one. The individual who performed so well in his own Presidential bid. Mr. Will thinks that only Senators should be Presidential candidates? Mr. Will, what is wrong with Huckabee's vow to "take back this nation for Christ"? What is wrong with equating evil in the world to a retreat of our Christian values such as prayer in schools? No. Prayer in schools solely will not solve the problem, but it is an illustration of where we are.

No, George Will. Huckabee's views on these issues are not appalling. What is appalling is to turn our backs on what made this nation great; our foundation is either completely gone or will soon be gone. The only thing holding this formerly great nation together are the remnants of the Christian foundation upon which it was built. when that is completely eliminated by the whims and wisps of current public opinion, all will be lost.

Jihad vs Crusades - Video

Excellent video showing the invasion of Islam into the Christian lands of the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Europe. Only through the forceful repulsion and expulsion of the Crusades and Byzantium did Europe survive. Will we survive today? Take back Constantinople!