Why Are There Laws?

Why are there laws? What is their purpose? Are they written merely at the whim of the current government or are they based or should they be based on something more substantial? There seems to be two schools of thought today. The first would be the progressive side that would legislate everything. This group believes that the individual is not able to govern himself, so they will impose laws on society for its own good. Conversely, we are hearing from a more libertarian point of view which holds that if it does not hurt anyone, anything goes. These are the extremes and both make good points. However if one believes that laws change with the times and the opinions of those who happen to be in power, then the debate will rage on. However if you believe that laws and government is based  on something more lasting such as God and His plans for government, then opinion polls will be rendered useless. 

Laws must be based on the eternal truths of God. Those eternal truths are what makes a strong and long-lasting, well-functioning society. When a government keeps those laws either intentionally or unintentionally because God's laws are intrinsically known, it prospers. When it deviates from what it knows is right and exchanges the truth for a lie, it will fail. Most laws are moral and can, no, must be legislated based on eternal truth. Years ago when a society decayed, a stronger more stable and able society would terminate it. Today, the decay is international. There are no stronger society to "reset" what is going on. There is only global decay and eventual collapse. Come quickly, Lord Jesus. 

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False Teachers

If you are only going to listen to one rap song today, and who of us doesn't listen to them all the time, this is it. Listen closely - even names names toward the end.

Patterns Preceding the End Times and the Rise of the Antichrist

The following are basic patterns that one would see prior to End Times events:
  • Economic Collapse
    • Rise in debt levels
    • Over-spending by individuals, business, and government
    • Inflation due to printing or digitizing too much money
    • Unemployment
    • Reliance on (what's left) of the government
    • Bankruptcies increase
    • Taxes increase
  • Marginalization of orthodox Christianity and a syncretism of all others. 
    • Biblical views dismissed, ignored, or derided 
    • Tolerance among others
  • Moral Collapse
    • Premarital, extramarital, and homosexual sex increases and is okay
    • Stigma against gambling reduced or removed
    • Increase in crime as society trends toward selfishness
  • War
    • Economic collapse will precipitate war
    • Realignment of world power regions
    • The influence of the United States significantly reduced
    • Israel is surrounded by increasingly hostile nations
    • Freedom will be traded for security
As a result, many will cry out for a strong-man to put everything back to where it is "supposed to be". The right will want this as much as the left and may even call for it sooner in relation to the other events. Amid the turmoil and tribulation, one will rise up and call for peace and security. He will right the wrongs and bring safety and security to an insecure world. He will say and he will do all the things necessary to bring order back into our broken world. He will be a "savior". He is the Antichrist.