Technology could turn cellphones into wallets

If this doesn't wake you up to the reality that we are moving closer to a system of monetary exchange that excludes the use of paper, I'm not sure what will. For several years, I have often thought that its use was outmoded. Recently, I received a new credit card that does not need to be swiped with a bar code. Many have already been using these. It has a chip that is embedded in the card. I do not even remove it from my wallet. I merely wave my wallet above the reader. How much more convenient would a chip in my hand be than having to find my wallet every time I need to make a payment. I lose my wallet way too much.
Technology could turn cellphones into wallets | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Dallas Business News: "For many people, smart phones are almost as indispensable as wallets. And soon, your smart phone could replace your wallet.A collection of the biggest wireless carriers, handset makers and software developers are putting their weight behind a technology called near-field communication.

That standard will allow your cellphone to make payments at a cash register, scan computer chips embedded in ads and posters for discounts and product info, and eventually incorporate driver's licenses and other forms of ID.
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Decline is Inevitable

Entropy: Inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society.

Our world is one in which we must work continuously against the ever present demands of constant deterioration. We mow our lawns, keep our gardens, reconcile our bank accounts always working, always struggling. If we take a break, it builds up around us like a slow tide that will soon wash us out to sea. If we wait too long to work against it, sometimes it seems as though it will completely overwhelm us. That is our nature. The college student takes a few weeks off from studying and finds that there is a great deal of work to do to catch up. The road worker neglects some of the streets in town and the entire street needs to be scrapped and an entirely new one built in its place. A society forgets it first principles and soon entropy sets in and that society is on the brink of disaster either from outside forces or from an internal decay that has set in while it rested.

History has shown that when one country is weakened, it is eventually replaced by another stronger nation that has not neglected the necessary work to stave off the decay. God. Duty. Honor. What are these? What happens when an entire world succumbs to the temptation and forgets that work needs to be done? First principles, the foundation of a country - remember what they were. Work to find them and build them back up again. Fight the decay from within and reestablish the foundation that will withstand the attacks from without.

Federal Reserve Forces Bank to Remove Christian Symbols

In this video, the Federal Reserve has forced a privately owned bank to remove all references to Christianity on its website and on its premises. Even though the Federal Reserve is not technically part of the Federal government, one could see this as one more step in that direction.

Israeli Sovereignty on the Temple Mount

Why Israel did not completely take over the Temple Mount in 1967 when they won the 6 Day War is a question that remains unanswered. One could only contemplate that they did not want to make matters worse for themselves in the eyes of the world. However, they had just defeated all of their foes. There is nothing their enemies could do to them. They were the absolute victors. That was the time to remove the mosque and to rebuild the temple. But that was not to be. Now, the Temple Mount is used for Islamic prayers and militant radio broadcasts. Jews and Christians cannot even bow their head in prayer on the Mount during the few times it is available to them.
Report Ready on Israeli Sovereignty on the Temple Mount - Politics & Gov't - Israel News - Israel National News: "The facts are straightforward, Shneller said: “As of a few months ago, the Islamic Waqf [the religious Islamic body that oversees the Temple Mount – ed.] conducted a dig at the Solomon’s Stables area of the Temple Mount, in the south-eastern part of the Mount. It removed truckloads of dirt in order to build a large mosque there, causing mortal harm to historic remnants of the Jewish People. This mosque now functions today.”
Look for continued trouble in the news regarding the Temple Mount here.  Remember, the rebuilding of the temple is a requirement of the second coming of Christ. Look for it.

Below, find a nice video of what the temple would look like. 

The Good Wife's Guide

Ok. I did not make any of the edits in The Good Wife's Guide and I am certainly not complaining about my wonderful wife. However, this is a funny and interesting look into how significantly times have changed since the publication of this article in House Keeping Monthly, May 1955. Take a look at the link above. Very funny!

Were times ever that way? Doubtful.

Japan Announces Defense Policy to Counter China

As a result of the rise of China and the decline of the United States, countries once dependent on the US for defense will need to build up their military. One can see that potential in the Middle East while Iran develops nuclear weapons. Other countries in the region will do the same creating a Middle East nuclear arms race. Japan, South Korea and other Asian nations will need to depend on themselves more as the Unites States continues to build up unsustainable debt. Cuts will need to be made to vital services such as defense. The result will be a more unstable world with China taking a more prominent role. If the world thought the US was unethical in their responses to world events, China has shown it will be much worse.

The bible indicates the rise of China and its activity in the Middle East. I have written about it here back in the mid 1990's. The only country in the world that could wield a 200 million man army is China, the most populous country in the world.
Japan Announces Defense Policy to Counter China - "TOKYO — Japan announced a new defense policy on Friday that will respond to China’s rising military might by building more submarines and other mobile forces capable of defending Japan’s southernmost islands.

John MacArthur Rebukes Joel Osteen

In this video, John MacArthur shows how the teaching of Joel Osteen is really satanic. Osteen's message is that we can have it all now - your best life now. As MacArther indicates, that would only be true if one were going to hell.

If one looks at Osteen's "church", it is actually a converted sporting arena that holds over 16,000 at one time. Is this a sign of truth? I think not. When Jesus preached the truth, he actually lost disciples. If you only preach what the people want to hear, they will come. Hitler knew this. He led people by talking about their basest, ugliest desires. Osteen's message is a little prettier, but no more Godly.

What or Who is Our god?-Eternal, Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Benevolent

Are people today a-theists; oblivious to the need for a higher power in their lives? Do they live like there is no god or do they worship a god of their own making? History has shown that throughout the world and in every era, various people groups have developed systems of religion. They have worshipped nature, created things, demonic spirits, and even their own ancestors. There has always been an inherent need to have a religion; a need to explain, and consequently, to try to control the uncontrollable events that happen to us and to others.

However today, there does not appear to be this need. We go to sporting events, buy toys, and working to climb the corporate ladder. Apparently, these are adequate distractions that make the otherwise inherent need for religion unnecessary. But do we really operate without a god? Are we truly religionless? Actually, we do have a god. We may even have many gods. One of the more obvious gods is the god of self. We think about ourselves, pamper ourselves, and basically spend all our time, talent, and treasure attempting to please only ourselves. Even our acts of kindness are done in order to make ourselves feel good about ourselves. However one god that is often overlooked, but is taking more of an active role in our lives is the god of government.

Government is:

Omnipotent -All powerful
The government is able to create. It is able to create jobs and wealth and health for all of it citizens at all times.

Omniscient-All knowing
The government is expected to know when tragedy is about to happen. President Bush should have known that 911 was about to happen, so he could prevent it. He was also supposed to know that the stock market was going to crash in 2008, so he could prevent it.

The government is expected to be everywhere at all times. The government was supposed to be in New Orleans moments after the hurricane Katrina hit. It should be everywhere there is a need at all times.

The government is expected to be kind to all its citizens at all times. Even those who commit heinous crimes are to be treated kindly. Those on “death row” are put to death in a “humane” way. It also takes several years for them to reach their end which is supposed to be more just.

The government is expected to be eternal. People today do not know their history. We think we are unlike other people in other times where governments have risen and fallen. Since we live in the (post) modern era, a change in government would be unthinkable. Even a change in border due to war is unthinkable. For example, it has been over 40 years that Israel has taken over the “occupied territory” of the “west bank”. How many years does a country need to occupy territory before it is accepted as being theirs? The United States took land from the original inhabitants over 200 years ago. It is now accepted as being the United States, but there are still those who say it should never have happened; that somehow the United States should not be geographically be the United States.

As time goes on and more of us come to depend on government for our food and our income, our shelter and all of our needs and wants, government will become more and more of our god. Our expectations will increase and when our god does not satisfy, we change the makeup of the government, so our needs and wants will be met.

See this video to illustrate:

China's Influence - Nobel Peace Prize

China's influence is growing while the influence of the United States and other free countries is diminishing. A world in which China reigns is one in which the individual is bound by his master, the Communist Part in China.

China is not our friend. Why do we continue to do business with them? One does not have to wait for our leaders to act. We can make the decision not to buy from this country on our own.
Eighteen more countries refuse to attend Nobel peace prize ceremony | World news | The Guardian: "China and 18 other countries have declined invitations to Friday's Nobel peace prize ceremony, organisers said today, as Beijing launched a fresh attack on the decision to honour the jailed dissident Liu Xiaobo.

Norway's Nobel committee dismissed the Chinese foreign ministry's claim that the international community did not support the award.

Beijing has urged diplomats in Oslo to stay away from the event, warning of 'consequences' if they do not do so.

Several of those who have turned down invitations are long-term allies or trade partners. The full list comprises Pakistan, Iran, Sudan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Colombia, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Venezuela, the Philippines, Egypt, Ukraine, Cuba and Morocco.

Global Economic Collapse

These are headlines from just today. They were not accumulated over a period of time. Anybody see a pattern here? Looks like a total collapse of the entire globe’s economy is immanent. A perfect situation for a “strong man”/messiah to take over and make things right again. Watch for this from the left and the right.
Obama’s answer to a deflated economy: buy more of your own debt. Has any other economy prospered by buying its own debt? As I have said before, we need to make things. Export more, import less. Look at the tags on the products you buy and buy from America!
Bloomberg: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke said the economy is barely expanding at a sustainable pace and that it’s possible the Fed may expand bond purchases beyond the $600 billion announced last month to spur growth.

This commission had some pretty hard solutions. Most of them need to be implemented, but that will take a long-term approach that today’s politicians do not have. I doubt many of the recommendations will be passed.

The Economist: When Barack Obama created his deficit commission Kent Conrad, a Democratic senator named to the commission, gave it no more than 10% odds of success. And indeed, today just 11 of its 18 members voted for the deficit-reduction proposal tabled by its two chairmen this week, falling short of the 14 required for the full Congress to vote on it. The Dodd-Frank financial reform law provides a new way forward for managing the financial system, but tough steps still need to be taken to get the nation's fiscal house in order, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Chairman Sheila Bair said in a speech. Speaking before the Consumer Federation of America, Bair acknowledged the financial overhaul has created some unsettling uncertainty, but changes were needed to avoid future crises.

The Telegraph: The International Monetary Fund has called on the EU authorities to boost their rescue fund and step up bond purchases to insure against a fresh financial crisis in the eurozone periphery.
“The recovery could still stay the course, but this scenario could now easily be derailed by the renewed financial market turmoil,” the IMF says in a report for eurozone finance ministers today, according to Reuters. “The sovereign and financial market storm affecting the periphery constitutes a severe downside risk.”