Homosexual Urges

There has been nothing sort of a paradigm shift in our thinking regarding homosexuality. In just a few short years, it has not only been acceptable to declare oneself as homosexual, it is celebrated; a prophetic fulfillment of Romans 1:32. This short post will not debate the biblical admonitions against this practice in detail. At this point, you either believe it is wrong or you do not. This battle is lost. The war will be over as the young among us grow older. It is only a matter of time. Few under the age of 25 believe there is anything immoral (they would rarely use that word) about same sex intercourse. 

Aside from raising straw-man arguments about how the Old Testament is, well, old, few reference the New Testament. However, this is not another diatribe in that regard either. PRT does not believe that a homosexual cannot be a Christian. The difficulty lies in a person who is an active homosexual. One must understand that whether you believe homosexuals are born the way they are or it is a learned behavior, it is a behavior that must be resisted. Even a cursory reading of our scriptures warns us against many innate inclinations and desires that must be submitted to God's Word. Take for example the single young man. He is a walking bundle of hormones that sees almost every other young woman in a sexual sort of way. He is born this way. And it is learned. Either way, there is little he can do to resist the thoughts that enter his mind. However, he is called by our Lord not to entertain those thoughts and certainly not to act out those thoughts even in a committed relationship until he becomes married. That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less. It is very very difficult. He is going against his very nature, but that is what he is called to to or not to do in this case. 

This is the same for the homosexual. If he or she has those thoughts, he or she is called to resist them just like everyone else has to resist thoughts and behaviors that they may or may not be born with. Its hard. Being a Christian was never complex. Its just difficult. Pray and read your scriptures. There is refuge in the Word. 

Homosexual Support

To keep you informed and perhaps to alter your voting and purchases - PRT recommends avoiding these businesses and leaders when possible.


Organizations and Religions

Political Leaders

Pat Robertson Advocates Old Earth

"The truth is, you have to be deaf, dumb and blind to think that this Earth that we live in only has 6,000 years of existence" - Pat Robertson
Mr. Robertson makes some valid points in the video shown below. PRT leans toward an old Earth, but certainly does not rule out a young Earth. God could do that.

Note: PRT does not endorse and discourages the promotion of as shown in the video.

Jews Dare to Visit Temple Mount

A group of Jews with young children visited the Temple Mount only to be confronted by a mob. Instead of being relegated to the wall for retaining dirt (The Western Wall) of the Mount, they actually went to what is really Holy, the Mount itself. What happens is a travesty. When will they take back what is rightfully theirs? (See video below)


The $10.10 Big Mac

The push to increase the minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 (a 39% increase) an hour is misguided. One must understand the consequences of such a proposal. First, there actually are going to be consequences. There is no “free tree” from which to pick the plumbs of higher wages. Someone has to pay. The first to pay will be the workers themselves. Most small businesses have low profit margins and their first inclination will be to let some of these workers go if they can. Others will pass the costs along to their customers, you and me, who will be paying more for our Big Macs. Finally there are some small businesses that will just not be able to do either and will have to close their doors sending even more to the unemployment lines.

Let’s be clear. Those making $7.25 are in entry level positions. These jobs are not intended to be for those with families for the long run. Those employed in these positions need to work toward furthering their careers either in or out of their current positions building on the foundation of these minimum wage jobs.

Lastly, those currently making $10 will demand increases in their wages fostering even more unsustainable increases by our tottering economy. Resist socialism. Embrace capitalism. It actually works.

Glenn Beck and the Mormon God vs Jesus

If one listens to Glenn Beck often, you will quickly notice that he often brings religion into this political discussions. Rarely, however, will you find traces of the foundation of his religion, Mormonism. When quoting scripture, he will never quote from the Book of Mormon, but will cite phrases from the Holy Bible. After a while, one might think he is a Christian. However, Mormons are not Christians. They have very different beliefs. This came out a bit recently when joking about Rand Paul. One must listen carefully to how he infers how "God" is a greater "god" than is Jesus. To him, they are two completely different gods, not part of the triune God of orthodox Christians. Note the video below: