2nd Great Depression and the Collapse of Civilization

A stark description of the coming economic collapse:

To many, the solution will be a "strong man" to right what has gone wrong. That strong man will be the anti-Christ and will set in motion what has been foretold in our bible. Also see. 

President Obama in a Nutshell

Good Summary of "Accomplishments" - Audio

Government Control during Obama Administration- Audio

Apology Tour - First year's trip in various countries apologizing for America's past.
Arif Alikhan - Ties to Muslim Brotherhood.
Associated Press - secretly subpoenaed private phone records of reporters
Benghazi Scandal
Birther controversity originated with Hillary Clinton
Bowing to Saudi King and Japanese Emperor
Brother lives in a hut
Budget Deficit/History - exceeds $1 trillion yearly since 2009
Budgets introduced by Obama, defeated with zero votes even from Democrats
Bully in school
Franklin Graham - Is Obama a Christian? Christianity forced on him
Churchill, sends bust (a gift) back to England
constitution with negative liberties s/b what can the gov't do for you
Civilian security force, State Department army
Constitution of foreign countries-Kenya- To support abortion.
Czars - Communist and other poor choices for advisers.
Debt - view of national debt under George Bush "irresponsible", "unpatriotic"
Downgrade of standard and poor's credit rating
Drugs, used cocaine and smoked marijuana
Electricity prices would necessarily skyrocket
Fast and Furious - US guns given to drug cartel kills American
Father was anti-colonialist 
Father was poligemist
Food stamp President
Forward, new slogan with communist roots
Fundamentally Transform America
Gas prices
Gift to Queen Elizabeth - an iPod
Gulf oil spill happened on Obama's watch
Gun Control - Uses Sandy Hook tragedy to push personal agenda of (gun) control
Immigration - Amnesty/Citizenship
It gets better (gay program), Obama promotes Dan Savage (who bashes Christianity) program
Iran captures our drone - Obama asks for it back
IRS targets conservative groups
Israel - Insists on indefensible 1967 borders
Jerimiah Wright, new allegations and old stuff
Homosexual, advocated for gay marriage/DOMA overturned
Lawyer who defended American Taliban gets promotion to no 3 in Dept of Defense
License Plate Readers
Lie about conversation w girlfriend (when younger) outside theater
Lies - others that are documented
Medal of Freedom to Dolores Huerta, Communist
Mentor was a communist
Missile shield-Poland, abandoned
Never let a serious crisis go to waste
New Party affiliation
NSA Surveillance - You are being "watched and recorded". "Turn-key tyranny"
Oil Spill in Gulf
Punish [his daughter] with a baby
Rhashad Hussain, attorney, Obama appointee, ties to Muslim Brotherhood
Russia - Obama will be more "flexible" after election
"boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe", Chu
Solyndra - over $500 million on green jobs. The bet did not pay off.
Space program, rides from Russians to space station since scuttling shuttle program
Spread the wealth around - basically communism
Success - "You didn't get there on your own", "you didn't build that"
Supreme Court Appointees, Kegan and Sotomayor - nuff said
Tax cheat as Treasury Secretary - Timothy Geithner
Unemployment promises vs reality
Women in combat and in special forces

Nice interactive painting that summarizes his accomplishments

Miscellaneous Stuff:

March 18, 2009
Sen Chris Dodd says that at the behest of the Treasury department, he withdrew a clause in the AIG bailout that would have eliminated exhorbanant bonuses for executives.

March 18, 2009
Decriminalize Homosexuality
ABC News' Kirit Radia reports: The Obama administration said today it will sign on to a United Nations declaration calling for the decriminalization of homosexuality around the world.

The move is a reversal of the position taken by the Bush administration, which refused to sign onto the document when it was first circulated late last year. It has already been endorsed by 66 other countries, including the entire European Union, Japan, Australia, and Mexico.

February 2009
Reverses embryonic stem cell research prohibition.

January 2009
Tom Dashel withdrew his nomination for cabinet because of tax scandel.

January 2009
Bill Richardson withdrew his nomination because of scandal.

January 2009
Geitner, Treasury Secretary, had unpaid income tax issues.

Bowing to Saudi King

Bowing to Japanese Emperor

With Valenzuela Hugo Chavez

Fundamentally Transforming Amerika

Video Related to Beck and Romney

While I agree with what he is saying here, there is really no good alternative. You either get Romney or you get Obama. Which is worse? Hard to say. PRT happens to think Obama is worse because if he returns to office, it will be difficult to have a recognizable country. At least Romney believes in some of the basic concepts of capitalism and the constitution. Both are godless if one is speaking of the One True God.

Glenn Beck and David Barton Talk About the Trinity - Someone is Heretical

David Barton and Glenn Beck have teamed up on several occasions. This time, they discuss Thomas Jefferson and attempt to explain why Jefferson was indeed a Christian and why it should not be disputed. In the middle of the discussion, however, Beck was unusually candid about his Mormon beliefs. Yes. He has been up front about being a Mormon. But if you have listened to him much in the past, he talks the talk of an orthodox Christian. Rarely if ever has any of the divergent beliefs of Mormons ever been mentioned or alluded to. Until now. 

This audio starts with Beck being "candid" to Barton. He openly admits his beliefs of Jesus are not the same as other Christians. Historically, orthodox Christianity has distinguished itself from cults and impostors primarily citing the Trinity, the belief that God is one in the Godhead which is made up of three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - One God (essence), three Persons. Here Beck openly deviates from this listing out three different gods. They mention that at one point in Jefferson's life, Jefferson agreed with the orthodox Christian Apostle's Creed which confirms the Trinity. Beck admittedly does not agree with the ancient creed. 

What does Barton, who has indicated that he is an orthodox Christian, do? Nothing. He has done nothing in the past and he does nothing here. A leading Christian should have disputed with Beck at that point, but he does not. True Christians should not be unequally yoked with a demonic cult such as Mormonism. The more leading Christians continue in their admiration and support of Beck, the more those in our world will be led to believe that a proper understanding of God does not matter. Clearly Glenn Beck and other Mormons believe in a different Jesus than do right minded Christians. Either Jesus is part of the Godhead or He is not. They both cannot be true. If you do not believe in Him as part of the Godhead, then you are worshiping a false Christ, a false god. And as Beck rightly admits, you will answer for that you when see Him face to face. Pray for Glenn Beck and his conversion to Christianity. Also pray for Christian leaders, that they will not water down the gospel and lead others to the false beliefs of Beck and Mormonism. 

Listen to the audio here.