Glenn Beck and David Barton Talk About the Trinity - Someone is Heretical

David Barton and Glenn Beck have teamed up on several occasions. This time, they discuss Thomas Jefferson and attempt to explain why Jefferson was indeed a Christian and why it should not be disputed. In the middle of the discussion, however, Beck was unusually candid about his Mormon beliefs. Yes. He has been up front about being a Mormon. But if you have listened to him much in the past, he talks the talk of an orthodox Christian. Rarely if ever has any of the divergent beliefs of Mormons ever been mentioned or alluded to. Until now. 

This audio starts with Beck being "candid" to Barton. He openly admits his beliefs of Jesus are not the same as other Christians. Historically, orthodox Christianity has distinguished itself from cults and impostors primarily citing the Trinity, the belief that God is one in the Godhead which is made up of three persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit - One God (essence), three Persons. Here Beck openly deviates from this listing out three different gods. They mention that at one point in Jefferson's life, Jefferson agreed with the orthodox Christian Apostle's Creed which confirms the Trinity. Beck admittedly does not agree with the ancient creed. 

What does Barton, who has indicated that he is an orthodox Christian, do? Nothing. He has done nothing in the past and he does nothing here. A leading Christian should have disputed with Beck at that point, but he does not. True Christians should not be unequally yoked with a demonic cult such as Mormonism. The more leading Christians continue in their admiration and support of Beck, the more those in our world will be led to believe that a proper understanding of God does not matter. Clearly Glenn Beck and other Mormons believe in a different Jesus than do right minded Christians. Either Jesus is part of the Godhead or He is not. They both cannot be true. If you do not believe in Him as part of the Godhead, then you are worshiping a false Christ, a false god. And as Beck rightly admits, you will answer for that you when see Him face to face. Pray for Glenn Beck and his conversion to Christianity. Also pray for Christian leaders, that they will not water down the gospel and lead others to the false beliefs of Beck and Mormonism. 

Listen to the audio here.