The Western (or Wailing) Wall is an Embarrassment to the Jewish People [During the Six-Day War] Mordechai Gur indeed announced that [the] “Temple Mount is in our hands,” yet the focal point of the national and paratroop festivities was shifted to the Western Wall plaza. People forgot that while the Kotel is the closest thing to the real thing, it is not the thing itself. Our ancient forefathers clung to the Western Wall in the past for lack of any other choice.
The Western Wall, the wall at which Jewish people pray to God, is just a retaining wall holding up dirt. There is nothing special about this wall albeit the dirt is on the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is the most Holy place on Earth to Jews. It is in their hands, yet they will not take it lest an uprising of Muslims makes life difficult for them. However, life is already made difficult for them in the current situation. Muslims view this site as their 3rd most holy site because Mohammad was supposedly supposed to have ascended to heaven there.
As you can see on the right, there are trees above the wall. There are no buildings. It is retaining dirt. The true Holy place is on top of the wall, on the grounds and primarily under the golden dome.
Notice the circled area in the photo above. It is the Western retaining wall. There are many Jewish worshipers there making their prayers facing the dirt. Also notice the people on the mount all around the golden dome. Very few Jews go on the mount. Why?

And the most Holy place is the Foundation Stone seen below which resides under the dome.
Jewish Community Voice: "For almost 20 years, from 1948-1967, a Jew was not permitted to visit the Kotel Hamaaravy. Presently, day-by-day thousands upon thousands or our people stream to the Kotel, which is the heart of united Jerusalem. Unknowingly, these pilgrims relive their spiritual heritage and offer their supplications in the very area where hundreds of thousands of their forefathers gathered on the high holy days to hear the High Priest offer prayers of forgiveness for the sins of our people and to supplicate for a year of peace and prosperity for the 12 tribes of Israel.
This assessment is incorrect. Hundreds of thousands of Israel's forefathers did not gather around the wall to offer prayers. They did that on top of the Mount. There was no concern for a retaining wall.

For years, rabbis have forbidden access to the Mount for conforming Jews while others, primarily Muslims, have trampled and modified the mount practically at will. It was time in 1967 and it is time now for the Jewish people to stop praying at a dirt retaining wall and take back the Temple Mount.