China Slaps US with 25% Tariff - US Does Nothing

Associated Press - The luxury market in China has been growing more than twice as fast as the overall auto industry, but American automakers lack a credible entry.
This article goes on to say that the Communist Chinese government slaps a 25% tariff on these luxury imports. Does the United States reciprocate? We import as much of their cheap products as possible. When will we learn? Our exports are reduced by their tariffs because they want to protect their own market. What do we want to protect? If only the United States would be concerned about its own jobs as China is theirs, perhaps there would not be a $14 Trillion deficit today. 

Oh, and here is another nice article about how Ford is building a $350 transmission plant in China. Fools! China is the enemy of the West. Stop sending our enemy our money. They only laugh at us for being the fool.