Middle East Crisis and the West's Decline

In this video, Glenn Beck talks to Joel Rosenberg about the [end] times we are possibly living in. Iran's use of nuclear weapons could do in "six" minutes what it took Nazi Germany years to do. Countries need to take this threat more seriously.

The events in the Middle East may take us closer to the events of Revelation in the Bible. Nobody knows. There have certainly been wars and rumors of war in the Middle East for centuries now. The difference today from that of the last few decades is the wide-spread outbreak of chaos. This chaos could spread to other counties. With the United States and Western Countries trying to come to terms with mounting debt and threats of a rising superpower in the form of China, the Middle East chaos could have a deleterious effect on any economic recovery in those countries.

Alongside economic difficulties, many could site moral and societal issues that will compound the problems of the West. Homosexuality, licentious behavior at all age levels, murders and wide-spread violence; the chaos seems to be the new norm in the West. May a "strong man" come in to make things right? How could we possibly turn our society around and right this ship? The electorate is of no opinion to turn it around. The Republican landslide of recent days focused more on taxes and economics. Perhaps it will stave off the inevitable decline, but the decline appears to be coming faster than we would like to admit. We continue to incur massive amounts of debt on a national, state, municipal and personal level with no end in site. Something must be done or the system will implode and the radicals in the Middle East and those in China will finally be able to take advantage of our weakness.