Glenn Beck Scrubs His Faith from His Programs and His Books

Much like the rest of his programs, Glenn Beck has scrubbed all but the slightest traces of his Mormon faith from the new book series he is promoting, Wrath and Righteousness. According to the Wall Street Journal, the books have been edited down to a series of 10 e-books "while cutting the references to Mormon scripture and gospel beliefs.” He knows and PRT knows that if he goes too Mormon on us, many will stop watching and listening. It's too bad more do not know their own faith well enough to spot a counterfeit. 

To make matters worse, Beck described the new book series multiple times as "divinely inspired". Most Christians should cringe at such a statement. However, Beck is completely okay with other books being divinely inspired since he believes in a whole new set of books other than the Holy Bible, called the Book of Mormon. "Divinely inspired" 5/9 3rd Hr

Mr. Beck knows his politics, but he is being deceptive when it comes to his own faith.