Voting for Jesus

So Bill Keller has a new idea. Considering the two candidates from the only major parties from which to choose are not exactly perfect, he wants all Christians to "vote for Jesus". Yes. President Obama tends to be a communist. Yes. Mitt Romney thinks he will be a god of his own planet and likely wears magical underwear. But, no. Voting for Jesus will accomplish little. What will it do? Well. If it has any impact at all, it will only take votes from Romney assuring another Presidency of Obama. Keller has even set up a special site called voting for Satan
While PRT certainly agrees with Mr. Keller on many issues including his campaign to teach others about the cult that is Mormon, PRT does not agree that casting your vote for Jesus will progress the Christian cause at all. What needs to be done, is teaching and convincing others the truth that is Jesus. Candidates will rise with the tide of Truth to reform our country and the world. But alas, this will not happen either. We are experiencing End Time events. The United States is on the decline and is only catching up with the rest of the world on our way to oblivion. What then is our hope? Our hope is in Christ and in Him alone. No vote will ever fix things. We are servants of a King and we live in His Kingdom.