Casey Anthony, Why Didn't You Kill Your Baby Two Years Earlier?

So here we are in the midst of yet another drawn out trial about some crazy person doing harm to another for no apparent reason. This one centers around yet another woman in her early twenties who appears to have wanted to stay young and single; playing, dancing, and living it up just like she used to before she got herself pregnant. Problem is, she did get herself pregnant. Many young woman then find that their night lives are dramatically changed. They can no longer dance the night away, hang out with friends, and go shopping. Yes. It is time to grow up and be an adult. The transformation is difficult for some. For others, it is easier and more natural. 

It was very difficult in Casey Anthony's case. She could not resist the urge to go out and be the center of attention, to be young and carefree. But now there were cares in her life and they would infringe on who she wanted to be. Her solution? Get rid of her baby girl.

If only she had planned ahead. If only she had a little forethought. Like many girls in their early twenties, she should have known what having a little girl would do to her social life. Millions of young girls have been and continue to be in her situation. They need to get out and live it up while they are still young. No. Adulthood and adult responsibilities are not for them and there is nothing that will stand in their way. They are free and they intend to stay that way. If only Casey knew just a little earlier what many of those other young girls know. If only she knew it two years before she could have killed her little girl and would have had the support of many of us today. You see two years before, Casey could do the same unthinkable thing to her little girl. Today she is being tried as a monstrous killer, but just two years earlier she could have killed her little girl not with duct tape and chloroform, but in the sterile confines of an abortion clinic. Same result. Same death. Same mother.