Justice for Caylee Anthony

Why do the evil prosper? It is a question we ask over and over. Where is the answer as we look across the landscape of our world today? The wicked continue to perform their evil acts and go unpunished. Liars and cheats prevail and get rich while the poor and the honest seem to reap what the others sow. Where is the justice? 

Be assured that there is justice in the world. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob lives and He is a just God. Those who do not believe in a god may believe they can "get away with murder", but God is the great accountant from above. His debits and His credits will indeed equal. Those who appear to prosper from their wicked and unpunished deeds will reap what they sow. 

There is justice, but not from man. We can create no Utopian society here and now. Heaven is just that. It is made by God who believes that the acts of man must be punished in order for there to be true justice. But it is not just the murderers and rapists who will be punished. All of us sin continually. There is none righteous, not even one. We have all gone astray; every one to his own way. We all deserve God's punishment for our cosmic treason and our wicked ways. The only escape is to have faith in the One who did not sin; the One who died, so that we may live. His name is Jesus. Trust in Him and you will not get justice. You will get mercy. Thank God.