The Mosque on the Mount - Protector or Problem

The Mosque on the Mount - Desiring God: "For the past 13 centuries a mosque has occupied the temple’s former site. It is not a sign of God’s endorsement on Islam. Rather, it is an unwitting guardian of the new covenant reality. God wants the temple gone, not because Judaism is destroyed, but because in Jesus it is fulfilled."

The Temple Mount no longer is the place where God dwells on Earth. However, it is still a very holy place. Not because of what it is today, but because of what it once was. Many believe that it is the foundation stone, the very place where the Earth was first formed. It was the place where Isaac was tested by God. Jesus was in the temple and God the Father was there. 

We visit many places of interest because of what they once were; the Roman Colosseum, Athens, past battle fields. They all represent meaningful moments in our history. The Temple Mount represents a moment in our history when God the creator chose a special people to be His own and to dwell with them. Let us view the Mount with a special eye to the past and a vision for the future. Another temple will be built there. Some day soon, an event will take place and the Dome will fall only to be replaced by a better structure. No. God will not dwell there this time. We are His temple now. But it will be built and it will be soon. Pray for the Jews that they will see His Son as He is. The Messiah they have waited millennia for who was, is, and is to come.